The Role Played by Customer Service in Hotmail

Hotmail is regarded as world’s one of the first email clients and over the time it has gained the status of world’s one of the most popular email clients. This web-based email service was first launched by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia in 1996 and it was bought by Microsoft in the following year. After taking hold of the company Microsoft relaunched it under the brand name of MSN Hotmail. From its inception, the name of this email client has undergone many changes and it has been replaced by in 2013. When Microsoft released the final version of Hotmail it was available in 36 languages. There are millions of Hotmail users worldwide and the Hotmail customer service leaves no stone unturned to satisfy the needs of their customers.

Common Issues While Using Hotmail

There are many users in the world who use their Hotmail accounts for various purposes. So, the security of these accounts holds paramount interest of the company. But in 1999, few years after the launch of this web-based mail service, the company witnessed a massive security issue when anyone could log in to any Hotmail account by using ‘eh’ as password. Since then the technical team of Hotmail and Hotmail customer service have worked extensively to resolve all the security related issues. People face several other issues while using Hotmail such as issues with sending and receiving mails, creating an account, recovery of an old account, recovery of a forgotten password etc.

How to create a Hotmail Account?

Creating a new Hotmail account is extremely easy and it does not take much time. All you have to do is to go to the which will lead you to a sign-up page where you will be asked to create a new mail address and password. After creating your desired email address and password, you will be taken to an add-details-box where you will have to enter your first name, surname, country, date of birth. Then a CAPTCHA image will appear and after this you will have to click the ‘next’ button and your account will be ready to use. If you face any trouble creating your new Hotmail account you can always seek the assistance of Hotmail customer service.

New Features of Hotmail

In 2004, when google launched its own web mail service Gmail, offering better storage capacity and speed, it brought a revolution in the world of the web-based emailing services. But Hotmail has always kept a strong grip over the market, not losing its popularity. It has added many new features to compete with the best emailing services in the market. For example, Microsoft has developed it new Microsoft office web apps through which one can view edit or share a document without having to download it in a computer. There are many new features like these with which sometimes people face some problems and Hotmail customer service tries their best to meet the expectations of their customers.

Hotmail Customer Service Number

Moreover, in the last few years there has been many changes in Hotmail and Hotmail customer service has done everything to satisfy the needs of their customers. People all over the world have faced numerous issues in their Hotmail accounts and the customer service has worked very hard to resolve those issues. If you go to the support of Hotmail, they will provide you a box where you have to write about the issues you are facing and they will immediately start working on it. In short, they are always there to provide a better experience to their customers.

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